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Helping Campaign Monitor and Mailchimp customers with their custom template coding needs

My Services

Having been a member of Campaign Monitor’s amazing customer support team for the last five years, it’s safe to say I know the product inside out.

There aren’t many people - outside of the current support team - who know the service and system as well as myself, and so this places me in a great position to help Campaign Monitor customers with their custom template coding needs.

The Campaign Monitor support team is second-to-none, and is made up of some of the most brilliant and knowledgable email experts on the planet, however at this time they do not officially offer custom template coding services, which is where I can help.

So if you have a custom design which needs converting into a working Campaign Monitor (or Mailchimp) template, or have an existing custom template which isn’t playing nicely in the editor, I can assist.

How I can help

  • Designing a fully responsive email campaign or template for you, which incorporates email marketing best practises
  • Converting a finalised design into a fully coded, responsive, working Campaign Monitor or Mailchimp template
  • Troubleshooting your existing, custom Campaign Monitor or Mailchimp template code; fixing rendering issues within specific email clients and getting your template to work properly within the Campaign Monitor or Mailchimp editors

What I can't help with (boo!) 

  • Although I'm a Campaign Monitor veteran, I should just clarify that if you do have an issue with a default Campaign Monitor or Mailchimp template, have lost campaign content in a draft or sent campaign, or have any kind of product-related query, it’s best to drop Campaign Monitor or Mailchimp a line directly in those instances, and their award-winning teams will be able to assist you, lickity split.

My promise to you

  • To provide you with the same level of world-class customer support I offered to Campaign Monitor customers during my five years while working there
  • To code a template which will render well in all major email clients1, and which will function correctly within the Campaign Monitor or Mailchimp in-app editors. I have partnered with the awesome team at Email on Acid to be able to provide you with screenshots of your final, coded design or template fix in over 40 email clients, so you can be confident that my work looks great across all devices
  • To refund you fully if I’m unable to solve your existing coding issue, or offer a partial refund (minus hours worked thus far) if I cannot complete a template on time2. This has yet to occur, but that guarantee’s there, for your piece of mind :)

If that all sounds good and you need my help, then head on over to either my CODING YOUR DESIGN or FIXING YOUR CODE pages to explain how to get the ball rolling.

1 As there is no email rendering standard at this time, then each email client comes with its own set of quirks and limitations, which means it's not always possible to get your campaign emails looking exactly the same in every single email client. While I will always do my best to ensure your template looks as good as possible and as close as possible to your original design, there may sometimes be minor differences across the huge range of email clients available, on both desktop and mobile devices.

2 'On time' means that the template is fully functional within the Campaign Monitor or Mailchimp editor, and resulting emails sent using the template render to an acceptable level within major email clients. As mentioned in point 1 above, as there is currently no email rendering standard, then there may sometimes be slight rendering differences across the huge range of email clients available on both desktop and mobile devices. This is unfortunately the reality of email development at this time, and until an email standard is introduced and adopted by all major email clients, rendering differences will always occur.