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Helping Campaign Monitor and Mailchimp customers with their custom template coding needs


If you or your graphic designer have created a template design, but don't have the coding knowledge necessary to convert it into a working, responsive Campaign Monitor or Mailchimp template which will look great in all major email clients, I can help.

I quote for each job individually, based on the complexity of your design, the number of editable regions it contains, the template features you require, the urgency of the completion date, and more. For this reason, I do not have a fixed price to offer, however you can be assured that all of my templates will be hand-coded and rigorously tested to ensure they work well in the Campaign Monitor or Mailchimp editor, and look great in all major email clients.

Step 1: Template Design Criteria and Assessment

To get the ball rolling, please email your finalised design to me at, along with the following information included in the checklist below. Unfortunately I cannot give you an accurate quote without these details, so please ensure you include them along with your design, when submitting:

  • Required Competition Date
    Please be realistic with your timing and plan ahead when possible. The longer you're able to give me, the better job I'll be able to do, and the cheaper it may be for you :)
  • Template Type
    Is your design to be used as a campaign / workflow (autoresponder) template, or RSS-to-email template?
  • Editable Regions
    For campaign / workflow templates, please highlight on your design or confirm in your email which regions in your template need to be editable, and repeatable. Please also indicate which regions of your design should be fixed, and will not need to be changed in-app.

Step 2: Payment and Deadlines

Once I've received your template design and assessed your requirements, I'll then email you back to confirm if I'm able to complete the job by the indicated deadline. If I am, I will also include a quote for the job, and providing you're happy with this, payment can be made and work can begin.

Please be aware however that not all designs or design elements may be suitable for HTML email, or will be possible to achieve within responsive email templates, so it may be necessary on occasion to amend designs slightly to make them suitable. If this is the case for your design, I will suggest amendments for you, and confirm whether you're happy for those changes to be made before starting work.

I currently take full payment upfront and do not begin work until this has been received, so please bear this in mind when working to strict deadlines.

My original quote will take into account the number of days I have available to me, based on an agreed start date. I won't begin work until payment has been received, and so if it takes two days to send payment through, then this may shave two days off of the original schedule and could result in me not having enough time to complete the job at all. Thus, once you've decided you'd like me to proceed, the sooner payment can be made, the better.

Step 3: Delivery

Once the template has been coded, tested in the Campaign Monitor or Mailchimp editor and run through design and spam tests, I'll then be happy to either send the finalised template files back to you so you can import it into your account yourself, or you can set me up as a new user in your Campaign Monitor account with the following permissions, so I can log in and add the template for you :)

Name: Stephen Jesson


Campaigns > and create campaigns, and import their own designs, and build or import their own templates, as per example screenshot below:

Note: If the Campaign Monitor template is to be used for workflow emails, then you'll need to give me 'Access automation' privileges as well.

If you're a Mailchimp customer, then you'll need to set me up as a new user with 'Author' privileges instead.

Finally, I will email back to confirm, so you're able to test for yourself, and so we're able to give each other a virtual high five! :)